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Right color combination is the most important element in design, both the printing environment and the internet. Color has a direct impact on humans. Human brain identify an element first from the shape and after from the color.

Professional designers not use random color combinations. Each color affect different the human brain and mood. One beautifull website that I first saw several years ago about color communication and symbolism is color in motion by Maria Claudia Cortes.

In this article i’ll refer some useful tools that i have tasted before for the right color combination on color wheel. A great on line application that allows you to produce your own color theme, or choose one of several color themes created by other users is Kuler

Kuler website
You can edit, add or remove colors from the color palette you choose to fit perfectly your requirements.

Create a new color theme from color

Create theme from color

    • Choose create from the left menu
    • Place mouse over the square and you ll see two options ‘Set as Base’ and ‘Remove Color’.
    • Remove four of the five colors.

Edit color theme

  • One color has remained. Edit the color codes and choose the profile you want RGB, CMYC, LAB, HCV and HEX or drag the circle inside the color wheel to select the color manually.
  • Set it as based color.
  • Choose the right rule for you, Analogous, Monochromatic, Coplementary, Triad etc. from the menu on the left.
  • Add new color based on your selection rule.

You color theme is ready for use. You can save your color values. Or take a screenshot an save it as an image.

New color theme from image

Create color theme from image

  • In the left menu choose create.
  • Choose from an image.
  • Upload button below the image container and browse your hard disc to choose the image you want. The image must not exceed the 2.5Mb.
  • Kuler system generate automatically five spots inside the image depending on the selected option in mood menu on the left. Play with this menu to understand how it works. It is very interesting tool.

Color Schemer Designer 3

One more on line color tool is Color Scheme Designer 3. This is almost same with Kuler but here you have the opportunity to see the colors like someone with colorblind. This is very interesting tool for accessibility in web design.
Color Schemer Designer website

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