Search engine optimization (SEO)

Studies have shown that 85% of users look only to first and second page of search engine results and about 65% do not ever click on sponsored results. The purpose of SEO technic is to hit as much as you can on top of organic results and this requires time, great effort and above all knowledge.

Mention briefly some basic SEO rules for a possible better position in the results of search engines by searching for specific words or key phrases.

  1. Select domain. It should be brief and contain the most important keyword. Also you have to buy the guarantee of the name for many years.
  2. Titles set correctly on your pages.
  3. The main text should include keywords set to meta keywords of your page.
  4. You can ensure (text links) to your site from other sites that relate to the key phrases you use.
  5. Add your URL to the search engines and lists.
  6. Optimizing your code HTML, XHTML.
  7. Discover interesting keywords.
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